Water Treatment: Water Purifier 2019

Before touching base at your tap, water is treated at the Hanahan Water Treatment Plant to evacuate dregs, microorganisms, and different debasements.


The plant is an individual from the Partnership for Safe Water and meets or surpasses all water treatment quality models.

Water Sources

Water from the Bushy Park Reservoir and the Edisto River courses through profound passages to our Hanahan Water Treatment Plant. Peruse progressively about our source water here.

Fast Mixing

When it touches base at the plant, the pH is balanced and water purifying process is quickly blended with aluminum sulfate (alum), a coagulant that enables the polluting influences to stick together to frame greater particles called floc.


After quick blending, the how to purify water streams into flocculation bowls, where the stream of water is moderated and the floc has sufficient energy to become greater.


Next, the water streams into sedimentation bowls, where the overwhelming floc particles sink to the base and are expelled.


Presently the water treatment goes through substantial channels made of sand, rock, and anthracite. Filtration expels any staying minuscule particles and microorganisms.


At last, the water is cleaned to ensure it against microscopic organisms. Charleston Water Treatment Process System utilizes chlorine dioxide and a mix of chlorine and smelling salts called chloramines to sterilize the water. Fluoride is additionally included help great dental wellbeing.


The perfect water is then siphoned into funnels that convey it to in excess of 110,000 homes and organizations in the Greater Charleston zone.

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