Reasons behind using Compound Crude Oil Demulsifier

Oil Field

The process of emulsification is one of the many fascinating chemistry processes that happens in our daily lives as well, such as in the kitchen, while cooking. It is the process when two ‘unmixable’ liquid products combined to form a homogenous mixture, that is not necessarily in most common time possible, a very common example of this process is oil and water, which is known to almost every lay man, whenever you see oil being put inside a water glass or container you notice how it forms a totally different round droplet of its own and is not mixable with the water. Emulsification is the process of when this phenomenon occurs, whether by nature or done through any synthetic processes.


But what happens after a demulsification? That is the question asked by many. Many times oil and water demulsification occurs where it is not required or when a process of emulsification is carried but now the process is through. In this case, there is also a way to remove the oil from water, which is to undo the whole emulsification process. In this scenario there are different ways to use to carry out the demulsification process. One if to use an Oil demulsifier AD-501, to complete the process. This is known as chemical demulsification, where a chemical is used to separate both individual products. This compound crude substance can help extract oil molecules from water and good to reuse again when it’s safe to do so.


It can be found at Innovative water company easily, in the best available quality that is out there. Here are its product features that help narrow down the uses and limits of uses of the product:


Product Features

(1) Fast effect speed, and remarkable effect of demulsification and dehydration.

(2) Function of preventing wax, reducing viscosity and reducing back pressure.

(3) Good adaptability of demulsification and dehydration and broad spectrum.

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