Compound Crude Oil Demulsifier Properties and Uses


Demulsification called emulsion breaking is crucial in multiple sensible applications like waste treatment and rock oil trade. Chemical demulsification is the most used chemical for water treatment to treat water-in-crude oil emulsions. It involves the calculated amount of additives accustomed to pace the emulsion breaking method.

The major result of the chemical demulsification operation alters the properties of water-in-crude oil emulsions

The AD-501 series of compound fossil fuel demulsifier contains wetter, solvent, fatty alcohol, epoxy gas, and alkene chemical compound. it’s the merchandise that has environmental supermolecule, low toxicity, with parts of quick dehydration rate when oil removal. Oil downside in water is usually solved when the substance has been used.

Functions of Demulsifiers within the industry

The number of fossil fuel fields has enlarged over time that’s finance a lot of in manufacturing crude oil and water emulsions. These sites are offsite and onsite gift engaged on rigs to require out the oil.

The emulsion is shaped once the oil is exploited due to the presence of natural surfactants in the main asphaltenes. These molecules work powerfully to stabilize oil and water interface that prohibits coalescency of water droplets.

When the water and oil part is separated, it’s necessary for that to happen before the processing, transportation, and emulsions crop up to interrupt water in oil emulsions. this permits for the fossil fuel emulsion formation, wherever the weather touching the demulsification of fossil fuel emulsion are partition constant and demulsifier concentration.


  • Appearance: homogenised liquid
  • Density, g/cm3: ≥ zero.950
  • Condensation purpose ≤ -15.0 ℃
  • Relative dehydration rate ≥ ninety.0 %

AD-501 Oil Demulsifier

The product works sort of a magic as when the emulsion is created from the crude oil-water, its density and chilling pint increase that makes the fossil fuel degrade, increase in oiler load rising and increase in energy consumption.

In addition, the storage and transportation energy being utilised gets higher furthermore. it’s been discovered associate exceedingly|in a very} safe controlled surroundings that mistreatment an optical magnifier to check, the emulsions shaped droplets with the extra-heavy crude oils in them.

It is the build-up of flora spores that encourages a quick emulsion breaking. They work on making agglomeration of spores everywhere the surface oil that initiates breaking (half-life decreases sharply), predicting that the hydrophobic flora spores have a bigger density for oil parts covering the oil droplets.

The process of the demulsification being studied for over a decade and lots of professionals claim that the method starts straight off. However, the treatment varies from one water storage to a different as a result of the identical intensity of chemicals can not be applied to any or all.

To be precise the calculation is ready by:

  • Each ton of fossil fuel (output liquid) was intercalary at zero.05-0.1kg (50-100mg/L)
  • Mixed equally with the static settlement.
  • The AD-501 demulsifier was intercalary from the wellhead casing through the wellhead injection.

This way the number of oil demulsifiers is intercalary rigorously to avoid any extra dosages.

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